It’s all about the Apples (& Pears)

Welcome to Rutts Lane Cider. We are a small cider & perry maker located between the market town of Devizes and Stonehenge. Our ciders are made from various apples depending on the style of cider we are looking for. Our best selling Rutts Gold use apples that come exclusively from local orchards and gardens, most of which would have gone to waste if we did not collect them. For our other ciders we currently buy in apples from Herefordshire and Dorset. We have however recently planted our own orchard and in a few years hope that all of our apples will be grown locally in Wiltshire.

Our processes are a balance between minimal intervention and modern science to produce the best quality product we can. All our ciders are produced from fresh apples, no water is added and no concentrated juice is used. Our sparkling ciders are produced by using a second fermentation in the sealed bottle, not by injecting carbon dioxide from a gas bottle. We also have a bit of a passion for searching out wilding apples and pears, these are trees that have grown from discarded cores where a seed has germinated to produce a new variety of apple or pear. If the tree has fruit that is tasty or good for cider or Perry (in the case of pears) then I have it DNA tested and named as a new variety. Our Pewsey Perry is an example in point, made from pears found in the village of Pewsey and DNA tested as unique. A new variety of apple has recently been named that was found in our village of West Lavington, Periwinkle Pippin, it is a nice juicy eating apple, we have yet to make a test batch of cider but have propagated some trees for our orchard.