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Rutts Reserve

Rutts Reserve is made exclusively from West Country bitter sweet cider apples rich in tannins and locally sourced sharp apples, as a true West Country cider should be.

Rutts Reserve is a small batch crafted product made from only fresh pressed apples. Variable growing conditions and cropping provide Rutts Reserve with a new flavour profile each year, but always to the same quality.

The flavour is enhanced by the use of wild yeasts which provide a long slow fermentation.

Our 2017 pressing of Rutts Reserve contains a blend of 70% Somerset Redstreak and 30% sharp apples to add some bite. This blend produces a mild cider with a clean taste and soft tannins. With the sweetness level just above dry you are able to taste the full fruitiness of this old English variety. The flavour is enhanced by the use of wild yeasts which provide a long slow fermentation. 

Bottles are sparkling due to bottle conditioning which leaves a small sediment and a nice fizz while pouches and boxes are still.




We also have a few bottles that were produced with a slight fizz, the batch number is 1-F-15 the cider is exactly the same as the still version but when they were bottled a small amount of sugar was added and a second fermentation took place in the bottle, this is what produces the fizz, the same way champagne is made however the technique was invented by a British man Christopher Merret. This batch Has an ABV of 6.9% and contains 3.5 units, the raised alcohol level is due to the sugar added to produce the fizz