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Rutts Rascal is a mix of West Country bitter sweet cider apples with sharp dessert fruit giving a good balanced mix of tannin and acid, providing a unique taste.

Rutts Rascal is a small batch crafted product made from only fresh pressed apples variable growing conditions and cropping provide Rutts Rascal with a new flavour profile each year, but always to the same quality.

The flavour is enhanced by the use of wild yeasts which provide a long slow fermentation. In-bottle conditioning provides the sparkle; bubbles and a slight sediment are the result of this classic process.

Due to the inclusion of the bitter sweet apple which contain more sugar than cooking and eating apples Rutts Rascal comes in around 6.% Alc for the bottle conditioned sparkling cider and 5.6%Alc for the still 3L bagged cider


Rutts Rascal