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Rutts Gold is made from fresh only pressed apples, collected locally in Wiltshire.

As Rutts Gold is a small batch crafted product, variable growing conditions and cropping provide Rutts Gold with a new flavour profile each year, but always to the same quality and crisp light taste.

The flavour is enhanced by the use of wild yeasts which provide a long slow fermentation. In-bottle conditioning provides the sparkle; bubbles and a slight sediment are the result of this classic process.

Alc normally comes in around 5.5% to 6% for bottles, batches can vary in Alc due to varieties of apples used and variable growing conditions from year to year.

We also supply Rutts gold in 3L pouches, 10L & 20L boxes. Alc levels vary between 5 and 6% depending on batch.

We are also working on 30L disposable kegs, this is a sparkling cider and will require a full pressurised Co2 delivery system to dispense. We llet the cider naturally carbonate in the keg as we do for our bottle conditioned ciders so they are not just injected with Co2 from a gas bottle the Co2 is naturally generated. We use the “S” type fitting on our kegs, get in touch if you would like to get involved in our testing phase (i.e. reduced price)

Rutts Gold