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  Here at Rutts Lane Cider we try and treat the environment as we would like to be treated, we reuse rather than scrap and buy new where ever possible.

We are planning on using natural pest control when the orchards get planted out. One of the biggest problems for apples are codling moth, instead of spraying we are planning on having free roaming chickens to eat the grubs and use pheromone traps for the adult moths. As most of the apples will be used for cider skin blemishes are not an issue so we will have no need to spray to control these.

Pressed apple pulp will be used as a top feed for the trees, returning nitrogen to the soil that it was taken from it in the first place so we have no plans to add artificial fertilizers. Pulp will also be used as a feed for the pigs as well as silaged to provide feed over the winter.

The heritage orchard will have wild flowers sown in the grass and will be grazed by sheep when the trees have grown up a bit.

We will also be leaving area's of dead and decaying wood to help the wildlife out a bit. Details of wildlife friendly orchard habitat can be found here

All of our vehicles run on biodiesel made using used cooking oil from local pubs and restaurants, reusing a waste product and reducing co2 emissions.