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  We are a small craft cider producer based just outside of Devizes, Currently we use apples that would mostly otherwise be wasted.

We collect from large orchards, small orchards and single trees in peoples gardens where there is more fruit than the owner can use and would otherwise rot on the ground, rotting fruit can make a mess of the lawn or attract vermin. If you are in the Devizes area and have more apples than you can use we would be happy to come and collect them, we also have long hooked poles so we can shake even the highest branches.

The apples are tested for ripeness and when fully ripe are mashed and then pressed, Once the apples are pressed the dry apple pulp is feed to the pigs fresh or sealed in airtight bags to supply feed in the following months.

We currently have around 2,000L fermenting and will increase production over the next few years to around 7,000L as our orchard starts to produce fruit. This may sound a lot but it is really very small scale craft production.

Due to the way apples tend to produce fruit one year and then rest for a year the taste of our cider will change from year to year, the style of each of our ciders will remain the same but the flavour will follow the fruit available locally around Devizes. We won't import concentrated juice or modify the flavour artificially to match previous years offerings.

We hope you enjoy our cider as much as we do.

We also have a DNA testing project running to identify local apple & pear trees, find new local varieties and identify that apple you have loved for so many years without knowing what it is. Get in touch if you would like more information.

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