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   Rutts Lane Cider is a small wiltshire craft cider maker situated between the small market town of Devizes and the world heritage site of Stonehenge, We use only local apples for our Rutts Gold Cider, our Rutts Rascal and Rutts Revenge uses hand picked apples from Dorset until our own orchard starts producing the Bitter Sweet apples used for these ciders.

Here at Rutts lane cider we only use fresh picked apples

No cold storage or concentrated juice is used,

Pressing takes place throughout September to December as the fruit becomes ripe and all the starch has turned to sugar.

The juice is then fermented with the wild yeasts that live on the apples, this continues until all the sugar is converted to alcohol.

Fermentation is normally completed by April/May of the following year when the cider is racked off the lee's in to clean containers to allow the cider to clear.

Bottling takes place in July. Rutts lane ciders are not filtered and clear naturally, this can result in a small amount of natural sediment in the bottle while the cider matures in the bottle.

The ciders flavor develops in the bottle over the next 6 months or so, just in time for Christmas and the New Year.

The process is slow and unhurried for a reason, in our view it just produces the best cider.

The Home of Real Cider in Wiltshire

Visitors by appointment only

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